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Best Tools to Manage Creative Teams. Remotely.

How do you make sure a video project gets from ideation to brief, production, animation, edit, mix, approvals, feedback, revisions and delivery seamlessly, simply and remotely, all without email threads longer than your Dis-Chem till slip? 

Personalised Video – The Future of Corporate Communication

The year 2020 has been an interesting one to say the least. ‘Normal’ looked quite different for most of the year. How we interacted with each other was very different!

Finding a Real Connection in a Noisy World

Nothing inspires a need to say… something, anything really, quite like the situations that leave us speechless. In our time, nothing has done that more than the current pandemic.

Brands want to have their say, which has unfortunately led to an influx of stereotypical messaging coming at us from all angles over the last few months.

If You Want Someone to Listen, Say Their Name

There’s a new form of messaging in town – one that is 100% more effective for getting important messages across. It’s called personalised video.

Communication and messaging has changed. If you want people to actually listen to your message, you can’t rely on old communication tactics. It’s no longer effective.