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Along with managing the social media accounts for FriendFund (a group travel app) for a brief period, I also contributed to the blog on the website and worked on the copy for the app.

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CATEGORY: Blog posts, social media, app copywriting

CLIENT: FriendFund

TYPE:  Travel writing


Safest countries in the world for female travel

Looking for countries for your next female solo travel trip or group girls’ trip? With solo and group female travel on the rise, more and more women are heading out and traveling the world. Though, unfortunately a concern among many are ‘where are the safest countries in the world for female travelers?’

Tips for successful group vacations with your friends

Traveling with friends is awesome…most of the time. Friends can either add to the awesomeness of a vacation, or they can ruin in, making you wish group vacations were never a thing.

6 Reasons to get a travel planner (like FriendFund!)

There is nothing more stressful than booking a plane ticket. Some questions that fly around our heads:

  • Is this the best deal?
  • But, am I sure the ticket won’t be cheaper tomorrow?
  • Have I selected the right dates?
  • Is this even the right airport??
  • Can I deal with such a long layover?

The ultimate travel bucket list for foodies

If, like me, you live to eat rather than eat to live…you’re probably on the hunt for some of the best things to eat around the world and adding to your food bucket list as we speak.