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8 best destinations for adventure seekers

Listen up, adventure seekers: we know the average destination won’t meet your ultimate travel desires. You need action, adrenaline, and loads of fun. Luckily, we’ve found just the places for you. From whitewater rafting in Interlaken to shark cage diving in Cape Town, these eight destinations are sure to inject some adrenaline into your travel plans.

10 most relaxing beaches in the world

Long stretches of glistening golden sand, sparkling blue water, and cocktails within reach: we know what makes a good beach. If you’re seeking pure relaxation, we’ve found just the beaches around the world for you to bliss-out on. We’ve also included a few beaches which are ideal for surfing, snorkeling, and other water activities — because relaxation isn’t only about lying back with a cocktail.

9 really wild African adventures

From snorkeling and whitewater rafting to dune bashing and mountain climbing, Africa has it all. If you’re looking for unforgettable adventures, stop searching and start packing your bags. Not sure where to start? Here are nine must-see sites you have to see to believe.

8 scariest experiences in the world

Cobblestone streets, white-sand beaches, and long mountain walks are cool and all, but where are the hair-raising stories, spooky castles, and haunted forests at? If you’re one who seeks out creepy things to do, then you’ll enjoy our list of the eight scariest experiences in the world.